Where does Missing Time come from?

Missing Time is the difference between the time recorded by the time clocks (what you pay your employees) and the employee time tracked on your work flow system (WMS, CRM, MRP, Job Coding, etc). When we initially start working with customers, if they have never managed their missing time before, they will often show 1-2 […]

Qualitative Data Podcast

Productivity is important, but if you do not take into account qualitative factors when developing your labor management system, you could suffer from unintended consequences. This podcasts discusses various qualitative data sources and how to incorporate them into your labor management program.

White Paper: The Productive Workforce

Worried that cranking up your manufacturing or warehouse operation’s productivity will cause safety incidents, quality issues or absences? Worry not; fostering a culture of productivity and engagement actually have positive affects on safety, quality and absenteeism. Employee engagement, of which pay for performance is a key driver, results in employees making better choices and taking personal […]

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