Easy Metrics works better with WMS data than their own branded LMS

Posted on: January 26, 2014

Traditional Labor Management Systems are rigidly coupled to their respective Warehouse Management System data source. In concept, this makes sense, but in application it creates complexity in the linkage between the two systems that often becomes either impossible to overcome or incredibly expensive. Considering that 75% of the revenue from the big enterprise WMS providers is from “consulting and integration”, one has to wonder if this complexity is built in by design.

Easy Metrics takes a very different approach. We use a loosely coupled architecture that aggregates the production data for each employee by process, customer, category, etc. This allows us to work with heavily modified WMS systems that other rigidly coupled LMS systems are unable to.

As a case in point, a large cell phone reverse logistics operation spent 18 months and close to $2 million trying to integrate their name-brand heavily customized WMS to their name brand LMS. Two weeks before the go live date, the name-brand vendor declared that they would not be able to make it work (I doubt the customer got a refund!). The company then engaged Easy Metrics and we were able to get them up and running in less than 90 days.

Easy Metrics’ loosely coupled approach also simplifies the overall management of the system. Employee exceptions become much easier to identify and deal with. Because our cost of maintenance is so much lower and ease of use so much better, we are experiencing a lot of demand from customers who already have licenses from the name brand providers who want to switch to Easy Metrics due to the much better overall ROI.

Another advantage to our approach is that it enables Easy Metrics to be applied to a very broad spectrum of industries that cannot be serviced with the traditional rigid approach.

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