Easy Metrics COVID-19 effort aims to help save jobs in the supply chain workforce, keep operations running, and successfully react to e-commerce demand. 

May 1, 2020

SEATTLE, Washington

Today Easy Metrics, Inc., a provider of productivity and analytics software for distribution operations, announced its Easy Metrics OpsFM Analytics and Assessment offer in response to supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19. 

The in-depth analysis will help companies with large distribution networks gain network-wide visibility into their workflow costs so they can respond to the challenges caused by COVID-19 and keep people employed. The assessment stack-ranks the company’s savings opportunities in order of magnitude, so they will know where to prioritize focus to make improvements that cause the fastest bottom-line impact.

The software company is offering the analytics package free of charge for qualified businesses with the most severe COVID disruptions in their distribution network, where their workforce is being disrupted or threatened.

Says Jill Keto, Chief Marketing Officer, Easy Metrics, “Warehouse operators are considered ‘essential workers’ for a reason. They ensure all of us have access to essentials like food, household goods, and pharmaceuticals. Warehouse teams with cutting edge analytics will be best positioned to meet customer demands and have a future-proofed plan that supports a healthy, stable workforce.”

Says Dean Dorcas, CEO of Easy Metrics, “Maintaining an effective and efficient supply chain is not only critical in weathering this storm, it is also an important component in enabling our economies to recover. Our goal is to help provide logistics operations the visibility they need to optimize resources across their network while dealing with this disruption.”

Companies with distribution network disruptions from COVID-19 can apply at https://go.easymetrics.com/covid

For more information about this offer visit: http://www.easymetrics.com/covid-built-to-last-assessment-opsfm/

About Easy Metrics

Easy Metrics fuels operational excellence in distribution operations. Operations and finance leaders use Easy Metric’s API integration platform and machine learning to analyze, plan, and forecast their labor spend so they can drive operational speed and efficiency, price their products and services profitably, and drive employee engagement. With Easy Metrics, they translate raw activity, facility, people, and equipment data from multiple data sources into actionable reporting that help their operation optimize labor and equipment spend, plan facility investments, and drive employee engagement strategies that ultimately fuel the growth of their business.

For more information, please visit www.easymetrics.com.

Media Contacts:

Jill Keto


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