Increase employee productivity

Info graphic cycle of employee productivity  and productivity management

Worker productivity studies consistently show that a high number of non-management employees are disengaged, not working to their full potential. Productivity management is not an art, but a science.


Methods to Increase Employee Productivity

Performance Metrics and Accountability

Develop and measure key performance metrics that accurately reflect the efforts and abilities of your employees — then hold employees accountable to a baseline of performance. This is the foundation of productivity management.

Employee Feedback and Reporting

Employees appreciate acknowledgement for a job well done. Conversely, they may actually respect management more when they are “called out” on poor performance.  In a production environment daily feedback on performance, with objective performance targets, has a strong, positive impact on employee productivity.

Management by Objective

Micromanagement creates discontent with employees and overburdens management. Instead, management should establish a framework for employees to operate within, but then allow those employees freedom to maximize their performance within that framework. You will be amazed at the innovation that can come from the floor if employees are given freedom.

Reward and Recognize

Pay for performance based on objective performance metrics can ignite employee productivity.  Money can be a great motivator, but studies have shown that employee recognition for a job well done can be as effective.  The key factor is that rewards or recognition need to be based on objective criteria.  Subjective bonuses can create a perception of favoritism and eventual mistrust.  Good employee incentive and recognition programs improve morale, increase retention, and create a productivity oriented culture.

Listen to your Employees

The best innovation comes from the floor.  Your employees work the processes daily and know them the best.  Seek out the top performers and ask them how they perform so well. Then get them involved in training others. Employee engagement is key in productivity management.

Employee Incentive Program Training

To really gain traction on a performance metric and incentive program, employees must be trained on the program, how to read the performance reports, and how they can impact their results. This will go a long way to help them trust the incentive program and management.

The Easy Way to Increase Employee Productivity

Many of the methods for increasing productivity start with establishing performance metrics. Easy Metrics offers a full suite of productivity management solutions that make all the key factors in increasing employee productivity easy. 80% of our customers have improved employee productivity by 25%. The average employee productivity increase of our customers is over 40%. Call us and we will take you through a custom demo so you can visualize how your company can quickly and easily increase your employee productivity.