Easy Metrics is a cloud based Business Intelligence system that helps companies with labor-intensive operations to identify and optimize their labor costs. The company combines its robust technology with a proven cost management methodology to drive 40% productivity improvements and 15-25% labor cost savings, while providing significantly greater management insight into labor-intensive processes.

The core technology was developed from over 20 years’ experience managing complex, labor-intensive distribution outsourcing operations. The application aggregates the exploding amount of activity data generated by RF Scans, RFID, warehouse management systems, ERP systems, time clocks and manual tracking to create detailed cost and performance models. Both easy to use and easy to configure, Easy Metrics provides a subscription-based cloud solution that customers can implement on a facility-by-facility basis. This enables easy adoption and rapid scale-up within new customers, without substantial up-front capital or deployment costs.

Easy Metrics was founded by Dean Dorcas and Daniel Keto – two seasoned, successful entrepreneurs. Both are U.S. Naval Academy and Harvard Business School Graduates with over 20 years experience managing complex, labor-intensive operations.

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