Go beyond single facility analytics

Network analytics gives you metrics at a company level across all your facilities in one place. Track productivity, missing time, utilization, overtime costs, incentives and cost to serve to manage performance and drive out waste.

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Monitor performance & utilization

Understand unit costs & profit by customer

Prioritize savings opportunities by cost impact

Read directly from your data mart

Connect to Easy Metrics private data mart so teams can quickly build reports and dashboards in your favorite BI tool. Port it to your own data lake or data warehouse to merge it with other data sources in your business

Cost to Serve

One report, you can run 10,000 ways. Run it your way.

Labor Management with Effective Hours

Understand where team and individual hours are going each day, and productivity scores

See who is performing well and who needs help, in real time
Understand detailed performance analysis by employee, for individualized coaching and evaluations
Get the employee level detail for pay for performance programs
Track indirect hours, missing hours, and overtime by employee

Labor Forecasting

Right-size your team, no matter how complex your operation is, or how it varies during season

Utilize historical employee performance by process to reveal future labor needs
Create a detailed labor forecast in minutes
Adjust any labor forecast based on work volume changes and performance expectations
Avoid costly overtime, and eliminate lower productivity during peak times

Production Detail

Granular performance data on everything an employee did that day.

Keep current performance standards using Machine learning
Coach to daily performance and missing hours
Understand quantity of output compared to goal
Have better coaching conversations with data that shows where targets were missed

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