A partner for modernizing your operations analytics

Easy Metrics’ professional services gives you the support you need to be successful. We share our 20+ years of operations best practices so that you can build your team’s expertise and innovate faster on Easy Metrics.

With Easy Metrics professional services, accelerate your time to value

Set your teams up for success, get help at any time, drive a culture of data-backed decision making

What we do

  • Process and workflow mapping
  • Labor standard design and configuration
  • Employee adoption coaching
  • Training in both system and management execution
Start Up Program
  • Priority analysis and goal setting
  • Benchmark and cadence design
  • Employee coaching
  • ROI analysis
User Adoption Re-boot Program
  • Program evaluation
  • Cost savings opportunity analysis
  • Benchmark and cadence design
  • Employee coaching
Technical Audit
  • Trend analysis and performance review
  • Labor standard evaluation
  • Labor standard recalibration
  • Cost savings opportunity analysis
  • System administrator training
  • Supervisor/Employee training
  • Train the trainer program
  • Implementation training for enterprise rollouts
Managed Services
  • Program design and management
  • Ongoing coaching and training
  • Priority setting and accountability
  • Guaranteed savings program
  • Data analytic services using machine learning and AI
Pay for Performance
  • Program design and configuration
  • ROI analysis for self funded program
  • Quantitative and qualitative factors
  • Incentive alignment with company goals
Custom Consulting
  • Guidance and technical resources
  • Built for your unique needs

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