Professional Services

Change Management

Easy Metrics acts as a true partner by lending ongoing support after implementation, helping you set your daily management practices to drive productivity and cost savings. Our expert services provide ongoing training, coaching, periodic reviews of operational productivity, and maintenance based on your KPIs.

Easy Metrics comprehensive offerings include consulting packages, custom process transformation services to help with operational best practices, floor staff and management alignment, cultural improvement programs, employee engagement best practices, and more.

Reporting and Analytics Training

Get an expert on your side. Reporting and Analytics training programs are designed to help you learn how to use Easy Metrics and also how the data in Easy Metrics can change your business for the better. We offer training on how to use data in your management practices to improve your operations.

  • Discuss productivity analytics reporting goals
  • Instruct on how to read and use reports: daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Instruct on how to use the system
  • Review time tested best practices to improve your operations


With access to an Easy Metrics coach, you can make sure you are moving forward to accomplish your business objectives. Easy Metrics operations coaches:

  • Help your supervisors to follow the processes
  • Help senior managers understand the data, so they know how to manage to those numbers
  • Identify where areas of waste and over-spend compared to benchmarks
  • Point out areas to focus on that could be more competitive, and where you are already very competitive
  • Check in with you, on the phone, daily or weekly, to help you take action on the information and drive change

Periodic Reviews

We’ll answer questions and help you trouble-shoot as real-life situations come up.

  • Make sure things are going well, that people are taking action, identify areas of improvement
  • Easy Metrics experts can look at data and tell the story of how things are going, pointing out where to focus for highest value

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