We empower people in operational environments to understand what’s happening during their team’s working hours.

We help organizations across multiple industries understand what it costs in labor to do every activity, so they can take action to change that for the better.

Easy Metrics gives you the visibility you need to price your products and services accurately, know which employees and supervisors should be praised or rewarded, drive down your labor costs, and create a path to offer competitive wages.

Pay for Performance

In today’s competitive labor market, hiring and retaining
top talent is vital, but it’s hard to know who to incentivize.
Easy Metrics pay for performance system pays for itself out
of productivity gains, and uses fair, data-backed standards
to objectively reward your best people.

  • Pay bonuses based on individual performance
  • Set realistic stretch goals
  • Compete against other potential employers in recruiting
  • Improve retention of your best people
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OpsFM – Operations Financial Management

OpsFM (Operations Financial Management) – is combination of best practices, cost accounting, tools, and culture that helps teams understand labor cost and waste. OpsFM enables organizations to evolve and improve faster than traditional continuous improvement methods.

  • Serve customers better
  • Drive shared goals and financial accountability
  • Profitably compete in the market
  • Manage your labor costs at scale across your network
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Labor Management

With all the people and processes that operations manage, it’s not obvious who your best performers are, and who is struggling. Easy Metrics lets you systematically recognize great productivity and address areas that require improvement.

  • Measure activities against customer, process, facility
  • Build a culture of accountability
  • Spot inefficient processes
  • Coach and reward by individual employee
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Cost to Serve

With constant order and picking variability, its hard to
tell how much you are spending on labor by activity and
customer. Easy Metrics shows you which customers are
profitable, and which ones are bleeding you dry.

  • Measure unit cost by process, employee, facility, sku,
    equipment type
  • Know which customers are making and losing you
  • Know which processes are making and losing you
  • Know which departments are making and losing you
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Change Management

When it comes to your operation, we want you to succeed. Easy Metrics offers ongoing support after your implementation with ongoing training, periodic reviews of productivity, and helping you set your daily management practices.

  • Review time tested ways to improve your operations
  • Help your supervisors follow the process
  • Find areas of focus for highest value and return
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Labor Forecasting

With customer requirements always in flux, it’s hard to know how many people you need, when and where. Easy Metrics Labor Forecasting shows you how to estimate the exact headcount you need, based on historic data sampling.

  • Reduce costly overtime
  • Avoid budget over-runs
  • Accurately plan your headcount by day, week, process, and time of year
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Who uses Easy Metrics?

For Executives: Visibility

Where is my money going?

  • Process engineering
  • Cost to serve by customer
  • Labor Forecasting
  • KPIs

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For Supervisors: Accountability

Who are my top performers?

  • Performance visibility
  • Employee rankings
  • Productivity & cost by employee
  • Productivity & cost by process and customer

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helps Operations Managers >>


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