Built To Last – What DC’s Can Do To Future-proof Their Business During COVID-19

Posted on: April 30, 2020

Update: This program is full, and we had are no longer accepting applications for a free OpsFM Assessment.

If you wish to talk to us about conducting an OpsFM Assessment for your operation, reach out at https://www.easymetrics.com/contact/ . Our customer team will be happy to discuss it with you.

COVID-19 disruptions in distribution center workforce and the path forward

As the last 6 weeks have unfolded, we’ve seen supply chain distribution operations react and adjust to many unforeseen challenges in the face of COVID-19. As we settle in to immediate impacts, it becomes clearer that some of these changes could become the new normal, and we expect the DC operations of tomorrow to face:

  • Process and workflow changes
  • Product and volume mix changes
  • Escalating costs, as more labor intensive picking is required
  • Increased customer demands as e-commerce of nearly everything becomes habit
  • Lumpy, inconsistent demand

Two big areas of impact that we’ve seen in distribution operations are cost, and product mix. Operations are either trying to find opportunities for cost savings, or quickly pivot to product mix changing…and sometimes both.

Easy Metrics is responding to the massive challenges in the supply chain and offering a path forward, backed by real data. We are doing this by offering an Operations Financial Management (OpsFM) Analytics & Assessment for companies with major disruptions in their distribution operations workforce.

We are doing this because we want to help our industry save jobs, save facilities, and even stave off bankruptcy. We want to see you keep your operations healthy and running.

An OpsFM Analytics & Assessment will help you:

  • Find the biggest areas for cost savings, stack ranked in order of magnitude, so you can prioritize your focus
  • Plan and optimize your workforce – when and where you need it the most
  • Translate your workflow data to cost so you understand what it’s costing you to do everything in your operations
  • Gain network-wide visibility into all your facilities at once so you can compare and share best practices and identify outliers

Apply today at https://go.easymetrics.com/covid

Sorry, this free offer has expired.

Space is limited, and while we we strive to help as many operations as we can, we expect to have more demand than capacity. We appreciate your understanding.

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