Facilitating Peak Season Visibility With Easy Metrics

Posted on: November 16, 2022

Peak season is a critical time for any warehouse operation—product mixes may change, volume will increase, and the efficiency of your processes will be tested. Having the metrics and KPIs to prepare for peak season, and to manage and optimize your workforce during it, calms the chaos and enables operations to thrive during a normally challenging time.

We partnered with evo, a primarily-online sports retailer that specializes in camping, snowboarding, and hiking equipment. They proudly serve their customer base of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes through their website and a small selection of physical shops. 

As evo approached their peak season they needed to:

  • Fill gaps in their labor
  • Improve labor and budget forecasting 
  • Identify and set labor standards
  • Improve the efficiency and productivity of their team

evo were able to identify two broad challenges going into peak season: managing labor and managing their labor needs. They were able to address these challenges using the tools and capabilities of Easy Metrics. 

Easy Metrics worked with evo to develop and implement a set of fair performance standards in their facilities, equipping evo with KPIs to track and assess their productivity. From there, evo began using Easy Metrics’ built-in Employee Scorecard using their own operation’s data to better manage their employees to great success. 

The supply chain disruptions and the labor shortage of 2021 put additional hurdles between evo and their peak season goals; evo had to weigh productivity and efficiency against the risk of overworking and losing staff. Fortunately, since adopting Easy Metrics, all of the performance data and management capabilities had already been established, leaving only analysis and forecasting left in their preparations for Peak Season. 

If you’re interested in learning more about evo, or about how they were able to leverage the capabilities of Easy Metrics toward their goals, download our full case study below. 

Download the case study: evo’s Peak Season Preparations

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