How Dock High Logistics Supercharges Efficiency and Performance with Easy Metrics

Posted on: August 17, 2023

For over 10 years, 3PL Dock High Logistics has used Easy Metrics to secure rock-solid reliability and establish a competitive moat

Over the last decade, 3PL services have changed. But what hasn’t changed is the customer’s expectation of reliable service. Dock High Logistics is a 3PL provider providing warehousing, order fulfillment, and tailored support services exclusively to outdoor lifestyle brands. They use Easy Metrics to secure the performance and reliability their customers demand.

The 3PL environment is competitive, and quick, reliable turnaround is the strategic advantage that keeps Dock High at the forefront of the market. They recognized that maintaining that advantage would be a data-driven endeavor, with a focus on delivering key metrics to managers and employees. Easy Metrics detailed data analytics and visibility gave Dock High the functionality needed to track their process health, drive operational excellence, and cultivate an engaged workforce.

Dock High was able to drive their missing time down to near 0%, far beyond industry benchmarks. The trustworthy data in Easy Metrics allows Dock High to run an incentive-pay program in their warehouse, which has led to improved employee retention rates, lower turn-over, and the development of a tight-knit and productive company culture. Leveraging Easy Metrics Cost to Serve data to improve processes led to a 50% improvement in throughput productivity.

Find out how Dock High Logistics were able to leverage the capabilities of Easy Metrics toward their goals. Download our full case study here.

Download the case study: 3PL Dock High Logistics supercharges throughput efficiency and teammate performance with Easy Metrics

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