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Third Party Logistics Providers

3PL’s face many challenges when it comes to ensuring that their operations are running smoothly and turning a profit. With labor making up the largest controllable cost in a facility, finding ways to optimize this spend is mission critical. Trying to optimize labor is critical but can be difficult when you may or may not control the data sources, have one or multiple customers being managed within a facility and ultimately have to deliver value in a tight time frame based on your contractual agreement with a client. Easy Metrics has designed our system to help 3PL’s solve these challenges and drive significant value

The Easy Metrics Approach

Information is key to running a complex warehousing operation and you cannot manage what you do not track. Easy Metrics helps 3PL’s gain cost visibility into their operation and optimize their labor while delivering on the following:

Ease of Implementation: The EasyMetrics data client enables us to integrate with multiple data systems (WMS, Time clocks, ERP, job code systems) working with the data as is. Thus enabling you to have a system operational quickly with minimal IT resources

Maintainability: 3PL operations are highly dynamic and it is imperative that all changes quickly and in a cost effective manner flow into the LMS solution. The Easy Metrics Logic Writer user interface enables clients to quickly map changes into the system to ensure the system reflects your operation

Usability: The Easy Metrics system was designed by operators for operators. We realize how important it is to provide key information to enable 3PL’s to optimize their labor and that is what our system delivers

Time to Value: Ultimately the real value is that the Easy Metrics system enables 3PL’s to optimize their labor spend quickly

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