Cold Storage & Cold Distribution

Temperature controlled supply chain leaders, we hear this all the time: You’re more like a 3PL.

We get it. The change of consumer behavior, and its adoption of online grocery shopping, means that suppliers are enhancing their services. To bring convenience and value to people’s family table means complexity in data, and that keeping track of your costs and productivity down to the SKU is a daunting task. But it doesn’t need to be. 

We understand that investment in cold storage is expensive, is far more complex than normal warehousing, and that maximizing the utilization of every foot in your facility is important.

Maximizing the utility of your facility extends to your people operations, also. 

Here’s where Easy Metrics helps Cold Storage and Cold Distribution operations like yours:

  • Understand your labor costs for processing, packaging, labeling costs no matter how many pack types you are doing.
  • Understand your total cost to serve so that you can offer a flexible cost model for your customers.
  • Reveal your labor cost by process, customer, line, shift, supervisor, for continuous optimization.
  • Identify unprofitable processes and pack types, and change them before its too late

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