Distribution & Warehousing

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Easy Metrics was created from our experience running complex distribution operations for 19 years. Our unique approach to the market brings significant value to any operation within the warehouse and distribution industry. Traditional LMS (Labor Management System) can solve labor challenges but they come with high costs, complex implementations, and a very long ROI.

The Easy Metrics application has been successfully implemented with a positive ROI in operations with as few as 10 employees all the way up to 3000 employees. The Easy Metrics approach enables clients to generate high value when optimizing labor but doing it in a fraction of the time, a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the complexity.

By providing warehousing operations 100% visibility into their time and thus dollars and leveraging multi metric (infinite) labor standards; the Easy Metrics application enables facilities to maximize their workforce utilization and significantly increase productivity.

Easy Metrics creates value for its customers by enabling them to:

  • Quickly implement the LMS solution
  • Working with existing data sets with minimal to no changes to that data
  • Seamlessly maintain the solution over time
  • Drive operational value through prescriptive visual outputs
  • Achieve significant labor savings in a short time period


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