Food Production and Processing

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Modern fresh food processing (seafood, fruit packing, vegetable processing, meat processing) is still a very labor intensive process and companies continually struggle to contain costs and maintain quality standards.

As well, customer requirements have created an explosion of different package types / cuts / mixes, etc. It seems every grocery retailer wants something special for their retail environment. This has greatly increased the complexity of tracking in modern food production. The old days of just tracking costs per pound or case no longer work. Different pack types will have very different labor cost inputs.

Labor can cost 3-4x for one pack type vs another.

Easy Metrics provides a unique solution for food production. Through integration of your data tracking systems (MRP, labeling software, timeclocks), Easy Metrics is able to show you

  • Your cost by every SKU, grower, customer, variety, species, cut, etc.
  • Your exact labor cost to produce each product, no matter how complicated the variance
  • Team productivity in pounds per hour of the process
  • Measure your labor costs based on quality of product
  • Labor by pack variances
  • Cost accounting enabling you to better price your products to your customers.

Additionally, like all other industries Easy Metrics services, the above data feeds can be used to create objective performance targets for each pack/SKU and incentive programs to help companies attract and keep the best talent.

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