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You have MRP data systems that track product, but not labor. Using time clocks and RFID you can track labor, but how do you connect it to the MRP? Easy Metrics has cracked the code. We use time and location correlation of the product matched with the employee to:

  • See the product, the employee, and when they were on it
  • Get granular visibility on the labor it takes to do every stage of the manufacturing process
  • Reveal your total labor cost by SKU
  • Drive accountability across individuals or teams

Your material costs are set; there is no flexibility. Labor, however, is a flexible cost structure. Labor visibility allows you to drive efficiencies and make cost improvements.

Once you have granular data on every stage of the process, you can apply LEAN principals to best maximize the overall production of your line or facility. Easy Metrics cost analysis and performance models give you this ability. With Easy Metrics you can analyze employee process efficiency through every step of the production process. As you make changes in process, you can see near real time how those changes affect cost and performance.

Easy Metrics cost visibility also gives you detailed insights into cost variances on product across customers. We are no longer a one size fits all world when it comes to consumer goods. Every customer wants something special, but there is a cost that comes with that. Averaging production costs over a month and generalizing them is no longer good enough. Companies need to know how and where every dollar is spent and Easy Metrics can help you identify those cost activities in your highest cost center, your employees.

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