Retail & Brand

Never before has retail and brand fulfillment been so in-demand. With same day and next day consumer appetite, having a dependable, productive warehouse workforce has never been more important. 

How are you handling staffing levels to handle peak demand? Are you finding that attracting, hiring, and keeping top talent is a significant challenge? High turnover means that more and more of your operations supervisors are losing time training the next group of new-hires, and less time focusing on operational improvement. 

We hear you. Easy Metrics has years of experience in labor management of some of the top retail brands in the world. Let us help you gain control of your workforce and engage a productive and reliable team.

  • Forecasting to right-size your team, no matter what time or year it is.
  • Offer profitable incentive programs to hire and retain the best talent.
  • Find inefficiencies, and drive down your costs so that you can offer higher wages.
  • Understand your cost to serve by process, facility, SKU, and more

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