Machine Learning and Data Driven Labor Standards

Posted On : Nov 8, 2018

Advancements in technology have given us access to new methodologies that before were too burdensome for computers to work with. “Machine Learning” and “Big Data” tools allow us to process volumes of data that 10 years ago could not be handled. In the world of industrial engineering, this has given rise to a different way of calculating Engineered Labor Standards, which are called Data Driven Standards. With a click of a mouse, you are able to calibrate a labor standard, whereas with traditional engineering methods it would take tens of hours of observation, study, and engineering to arrive at the same result.

This month’s white paper explains how machine learning and big data can be used to develop and maintain your labor standards. It points out both the pros and cons of the methodology. Over time you will see machine learning for standards engineering incorporated as a powerful tool set. I highly recommend downloading our white paper on the topic.