Logistics Management: 6 Ways to Optimize Your WMS Investment

Many operations have only scraped the surface of a Warehouse Management System’s (WMS) value. This recent Logistics Management article discusses six ways to get more out of an existing WMS. Easy Metrics was specifically mentioned in this article by Dwight Klappich, Research VP at Gartner Inc, as the “best-of-breed vendor” when it comes to integrating Labor Management into WMS’s. 

“Logistics managers are asking themselves why they’re not using the most advanced WMS capabilities available, figuring out what else is available to them, and then adding new functionalities that can drive additional business value,”

Dwight Klappich, Research VP at Gartner Inc. 

A WMS is a valuable investment for any fast-paced fulfillment center, providing the shipment, order, and process management needed for the large volume of small orders endemic to the rise of e-commerce — but most companies don’t realize the true potential at their fingertips. From constraints-based planning to improved wave processing, there are many ways to make an existing WMS provide even more value to an operation. You can learn about these optimizations in Logistics Management’s article.

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