Logistics Management: Easing the Labor Crunch with Labor Management Systems

Labor is a constant pain point in the supply chain industry, and the ongoing labor crunch only exacerbates that pain. Gartner’s customers and Logistics Management readers are clamoring for a solution — and that solution may come in the form of Labor Management Systems (LMS). Easy Metrics specifically was named as a leader in the space by Dwight Klappich in a recent Logistics Management article exploring how LMSs can soften the blow of the tight labor market.

“In the past, a lot of companies treated operational labor as a fungible asset. It was easily replaceable because companies knew that they could go out and get 10 new resumes for every open position. That’s just not the case anymore . . . Vendors like Easy Metrics are gaining traction because they offer a viable option for [shippers] that haven’t historically used LMS.”

Dwight Klappich, Research VP at Gartner Inc.

A good LMS can supplement and support labor efforts in the warehouse both directly and indirectly. It can be used to calculate labor needs for forecasting purposes, give process and performance visibility, and be a driver of performance-based incentive programs replacing old-school employee “report card” systems. If you’re interested in learning more, you can read the article on Logistics Management.

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