Logistics Management: Leveraging LMS toward Networked Labor Management

Visibility is king in the modern supply chain and distribution landscape, where the more information available, the more an operation is able to manage toward excellence — which makes expanding that visibility across an entire network a priority. Dwight Klappich of Gartner Inc. recently named Easy Metrics as a technology leader in networked labor management in Logistics Management.

“Labor management systems presented in the ‘engineer labor standard-centric’ sense weren’t expanding out into other markets due to a lack of deep industrial engineering expertise on staff. Now, we’re beginning to see companies adopt LMS across multiple facilities in a ‘networked labor management’ scenario.”

Dwight Klappich, Research VP at Gartner Inc.

The data collected by a Labor Management System (LMS) can be leveraged beyond a single facility, allowing an LMS to gather information across dozens of processes, shifts, product mixes, and compare facilities against one another. Previously, small- to midsize operations shied away from LMS implementations for cost-efficiency reasons. But with cloud functionality, networked labor management is both accessible and effective. Now, operations of all sizes are leveraging LMS systems to manage workforce issues, monitor asset utilization, and incentivize employees across a distributed network.

To learn more about networked labor management and how it can give your business a competitive advantage, you can read the article on Logistics Management website here.

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