Rapid Implementation Powered By Streamlined Data Integration

Posted on: June 20, 2022

How Easy Metrics can help you start reducing costs without excessive IT burden 

When it comes to operations environments, where entrenched legacy systems exist, implementing a new software system is assumed to be expensive and time consuming for your IT team. Even if your operations legacy systems coexist with modern software and SaaS tools, the task of integrating multiple data sets is likely to set off alarms in your IT department.

It’s true — data integration can be an expensive burden for your IT team, especially if they are expected to help implement a new on-premise enterprise solution. There are two reasons for this: financial and technical.

If you are being sold an on-premise solution, the majority of the provider’s revenue comes from the services they provide, not the software itself — services focused around the complexity of the software. That’s because these on-premise solutions are complex and highly customizable to fit the specific needs of each customer. The downside of this is obvious: more complicated software requires more complicated data integration, which requires more well-trained support staff, which naturally leads to a long and expensive implementation process.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Easy Metrics isn’t restricted by bespoke hard-coded configuration. Instead, we’ve streamlined the implementation and ongoing support phases to maximize the accessibility of the software to the client.

Easy Metrics has heavily invested in technology that makes our unique cloud-based solution both customizable and easy to implement. We made streamlining the data integration process a priority, allowing us to minimize the impact on a customer’s IT staff as much as possible. So much so that most client-side data integration can be done in a single day. Combined with our concise, specific support documentation, we want our customers to be up and running as soon as possible. This stands in stark contrast to the weeks, months, or sometimes years of work that on-premise solutions can demand, supported by complex manuals hundreds of pages long.

Easy Metrics is able to do this because of our proprietary data integration layer, Logic Writer. Data is the language spoken by labor management solutions, and Easy Metrics is a universal translator for operations data. By integrating with data sources like your WMS and timeclock technologies, Easy Metrics draws the raw data directly from your systems and uses Logic Writer to parse it, break it down, merge it all together, and perform the transformations needed to make the data accessible — and therefore actionable. Because the Logic Writer both merges the different data sets and handles all of the data transformation, there is little to nothing the customer needs to do, allowing Easy Metrics to do all of this with a simple query.

Why does that matter?

It means that in our technical experience with customers across varying WMS’s, the process of setting up the query and data transfer protocol takes as little as eight hours for the IT team to complete, minimizing the direct burden placed on IT resources. For reference, most on-premise enterprise solutions can take upward of 200 hours. Being able to save over 175 hours of work — or more — on your data analytics solution allows you to more quickly drive efficiencies or improve scalability in your operation without displacing other important IT projects, giving you a competitive advantage in the current market.

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