Service Level Agreement


The purpose of the Easy Metrics Inc. Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to define the roles and responsibilities of the major stakeholders in a contract with Easy Metrics Inc (stakeholders). We promote a culture of fairness and openness, and the goal of the SLA is to explain clearly and simply what each party is responsible for to fulfill their mutual obligations.


This agreement applies to all Stakeholders of the Easy Metrics Inc. Software Platform. The primary groups of stakeholders are Easy Metrics Executives and Staff, and Authorized Representatives from a client.

Service Definition

Easy Metrics Inc. provides access to a proprietary software platform as a service. The model of delivery is to provide the software as an internet service (SaaS). Easy Metrics will grant clients access based on the contract negotiated at the start of the account. Access will be maintained according to the SLA for the life of the client’s account. Easy Metrics Inc. retains sole ownership of the software and all proprietary components used in the delivery of this service.

To provide services, Easy Metrics inc. uses Inter-Vendor Service Agreements to partner with other Cloud Service providers. These agreements are maintained by the Easy Metrics staff to provide Operating Systems, Data Storage, Processing and Communication controls.

Availability Goals

Easy Metrics Inc. strives to meet our client’s business needs in all respects. We understand access to your performance data is an important decision component, so we strive to meet or exceed all of our defined Availability Goals. For the purpose of metrics, a failure is considered a total lack of access to system functionality or data. Partial interruptions (such as restarting imports) are not considered here.

Normal Business Hours

(Mon – Fri 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time) –

·     99.5% service availability, not counting scheduled system maintenance (uptime)

·     Customer Support Representatives available

·     Initial response to emails within 24 hours

·     Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) greater than 120 days

·     Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) less than 12 hours

Non-Business Hours

( Mon – Fri 6:00 P.M – 6:00 A.M. Eastern Time)

·     99.5% service availability, not counting scheduled system maintenance (uptime)

·     Initial response to emails within 24 hours

·     Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) greater than 120 days

·     Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) less than 24 hours

Weekend/Holiday Service

·     99.5% service availability, not counting scheduled system maintenance (uptime)

·     Initial response to emails within 72 hours

·     Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) greater than 120 days

·     Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) less than 36 hours

Easy Metrics is closed to observe the following holidays.

·     New Year’s Day (January 1)

·     Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)

·     Independence Day (July 4)

·     Labor Day (First Monday in September)

·     Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November)

·     Christmas Day (December 25)

Easy Metrics Inc. Responsibilities


Easy Metrics Inc. will be responsible for maintaining all aspects of the software and hardware required to deliver the SaaS product in a timely fashion. We will follow industry best practices for Cloud Service Providers with regards to infrastructure maintenance, privacy, security, and governance. Easy Metrics Inc. will accurately convey the source cause and relevant mitigation to clients affected by outages within 48 hours.

Data Storage

Easy Metrics Inc. will provide access to a Data Storage platform for clients to transmit their source data to. The storage platform is a separate distinct service provided through our agreement with Infrastructure as a Service providers. Outages related to the storage platform are rare, but in the event one occurs it is not covered under this SLA. The Easy Metrics team will monitor this service and maintain the subsequent Inter-Vendor Service Level Agreement. Data in this format is considered “Raw Data” and is owned by the client.

Data Processing

Easy Metrics Inc. will maintain the hardware and software infrastructure required to process customer data. Processing includes, but is not limited to, the application of numerical algorithms. The inherent nature of these algorithms means that we can only achieve a finite level of accuracy. This level of accuracy is further affected by the quality of the input data. Several sources of client data rely on human-generated information which is prone to errors and inconsistencies. For these reasons, the accuracy we can achieve is dependent on each client, and cannot be generalized for the purposes of this document. The Easy Metrics Inc. contract will assign a client a set number of hours which can be used to investigate possible processing discrepancies. Any additional labor related to processing data not suited for the Easy Metrics system is the responsibility of the client.

Process Output

Processed data has been through the Easy Metrics translation process. The final product is metadata which describes the client’s source data, over time. It combines raw data and high-level expert systems to produce knowledge and insight. The processed data is the product of Easy Metrics’ proprietary process and is considered the property of Easy Metrics. Processed Output may be retained after the end of the clients account to aid in improving our internal data models. This information will not be sold or traded to external entities without appropriate anonymization. Easy Metrics reserves the rights to publish scholarly articles which may reference the analysis of anonymized portions of processed data. We will protect the privacy and security of our client’s raw data at all times during this process.

Client Responsibilities

Your Accounts

Except to the extent caused by our breach of this Agreement, (a) you are responsible for all activities that occur under your account, regardless of whether the activities are authorized by you or undertaken by you, your employees or a third party (including your contractors, agents or End Users), and (b) we and our affiliates are not responsible for unauthorized access to your Easy Metrics service account.

Your Data

You will ensure that your raw data, and your use of the system, will not violate our policies or the law in any way.  You are solely responsible for the development, delivery, operation, maintenance, and use of your operational reporting data.

Your Backups

You are responsible for properly configuring and using the service offerings and otherwise taking appropriate action to secure, protect and backup your accounts and your data in a manner that will provide appropriate security and protection, which might include use of encryption to protect your content from unauthorized access and routinely archiving your content to a separate location.  

Requests for Changes

Easy Metrics works closely with our customers to make sure we meet their needs. Our policy of openness allows clients to suggest features they would like to see incorporated through their Easy Metrics account contact. While we appreciate all suggestions, we cannot incorporate them all. To submit a request for change, contact your Easy metrics point of contact and describe your suggestion and any business drivers you have for the change. That person will pose the request to the Easy Metrics Change Review Board. The request will be classified according to its type:

·     Data Logic Change – These types of changes relate to the logic applied to a client’s raw source data during processing. These changes are managed by the Customer Support team.

·     System Logic Change – These types of changes affect the processing of multiple clients’ data. They are often larger features handled by the Easy metrics development team.

Once the request has been classified and reviewed, a determination to include or exclude it on a future road map will be decided. The Easy metrics representative will inform the client of this conclusion. Due to the nature of Software Development, any timelines posed are only suggestions and not considered part of the Service Level Agreement. Easy Metrics reserves the right to reassess the viability of a request at any point during its development life cycle up to and including post-deployment maintenance.

Notification of Changes

Easy Metrics’ platform, services and logic are always evolving. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any particular feature for the life of any given client account. We will always do our best to work with our clients and provide them the features they find most useful, but we cannot always meet this goal and in those cases Easy Metrics reserves the right to remove or cancel any feature of the platform without prior notice.

Changes To the Service Offerings

We may change or discontinue any or all of the Service Offerings or change or remove functionality of any or all of the Service Offerings from time to time. We will take reasonable steps to notify you of any material change to or discontinuation of the Service Offerings.

Changes to the Data APIs

We may change or discontinue any APIs for the Services from time to time. For any discontinuation of or material change to an API for a Service, we will use reasonable efforts to continue supporting the previous version of such API for 6 months after the change or discontinuation (except if doing so (a) would pose a security or intellectual property issue, (b) is economically or technically burdensome, or (c) would cause us to violate the law or requests of governmental entities).

Changes to the Service Level Agreement

We may change, discontinue or add Service Level Agreements from time to time in accordance with evolving business needs. We will notify you when we update our Service Level Agreement.

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