Easy Metrics Application

We live in a world where there is a constant push to increase profit and decrease costs. Yet there is a continual upward pressure on labor costs, through wage inflation and regulatory burden. Increasing prices to compensate for higher [ … ] Read More


Reports Designed to Take Action  The transformed data in our system is highly impactful in letting users understand their labor costs and ultimately optimize them. We produce the data that your operators need to take action on to drive savings, [ … ] Read More

Logic Writer®

Easy Metrics is a cloud based software application that enables our clients to quickly gain insights into their operational costing and optimize their labor. One of the main factors in our ability to deliver this value to our clients [ … ] Read More


Hyper-productive workforce

No yelling. No cheerleading. Let the performance metrics speak for themselves. Easy Metrics can help you create an engaged, hyper-productive workforce. Our customers who implement all three components of the Easy Metrics software capabilities can achieve this: 1. Full [ … ] Read More