Drive significant labor savings without the technical headache….our average customer achieves a positive ROI in 6 months or less


There is an impression that installing an LMS solution is hard, time consuming, and will take significant IT resources. This may be the case with other providers, but Easy Metrics has flipped this paradigm on its head. We enable you to solve your most complex labor challenges in a friction-less, smooth, and fast way.

Our implementation process looks like this:

  • Creation of a value stream map for your facility to ensure we capture 100% of the activities that can be performed in your operation.
  • In gaining access to your data (WMS, Time clocks, ERP) all we need is a flat file of the output. As long as the data is in the file, we can map to it.
  • We identify gaps in data collection and set up systems to collect the information (job codes) for 100% data capture.
  • Leverage our LogicWriter UI to quickly map your data from disparate sources. It flows into our system using basic syntax.
  • Set up the data transfer in the proper cadence (throughout the day, daily, etc.) to ensure your files are sent to Easy Metrics at the right time.
  • Value from using EasyMetrics happens immediately, and the majority of our clients achieve positive ROI in fewer than 6 months.

Setting up an LMS doesn’t have to be hard. Let Easy Metrics show you tho to drive labor savings in a fast and smooth way.

More resources for an in-depth look at our technical requirements and integration:

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