Easy Metrics Is Coming to ProMat 2023

Posted on: March 1, 2023

Evolve your operations data stack with our 10 Minute Analytics presentation series

Easy Metrics will be hosting a booth at ProMat 2023, joining thousands of other industry-leading manufacturing and supply chain professionals at the premier showcase event. We’re excited to contribute our innovative solutions to the bleeding edge of this industry, and we invite you to come learn about those solutions at our booth. We will be in attendance all four days of Promat (March 20th – March 23rd) at booth #S4477. Stop by and say “hello”, schedule a one-on-one with us, or catch one of our 10 Minute Analytics presentations at our booth.

See our full agenda here: Easy Metrics at Promat 2023

Monday – March 20th, 2023

11:15 AM, Booth #S4477

Cost to Serve Analytics to Drive Continuous Improvement

Discover and optimize your labor costs for every process, product type, customer, and department

The largest variable cost in any operation is labor, however, it is also one of the most difficult costs to gain visibility into. In a digital world with global competition, averaging out costs does not provide the necessary insights to make data-driven decisions that are best for your organization. Easy Metrics allows you to understand where every dollar is going, down to the detail of customers, product types, production lines, processes, and more. This level of detail allows for new insights such as accurately understanding your cost per unit, identifying ideal opportunities for further investments, and even combining the cost to serve data with revenue to understand the profitability of customers or products.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How Easy Metrics will help track your labor spend and identify your cost to serve.
  • Understanding the value of cost to serve across your network of distribution centers.
  • How to utilize this information to prioritize your continuous improvement initiatives

1:30 PM, Booth #S4477

Level Up Your Operations Data Stack

Drive data maturity by transforming and merging disparate data sets into one unified view

Any modern warehouse operation requires multiple systems to function optimally. This creates disparate transactional data sources and sets—from timeclock, to WMS, LMS, automation, and more. Becoming a data-mature organization requires unified data. 

In this presentation you will learn:

  • The complete toolset you need to drive data maturity in your operations
  • How to solve your integration problems
  • How to bring your transactional data together into one unified stack
  • How to tie together labor, automation, delivery and cycle times, and operational profits/losses

3:00 PM, Booth #S4477

Pay for Performance – The Tested & Verified Method That Works

How to minimize risk and maximize your return on performance incentive programs in your warehouse operation

In this tight labor market, operations are struggling to offer competitive wages while maintaining their profit margins. Pay for Performance is a viable solution, but it can be a dangerous approach if not designed properly. Inconsistent structure across DCs, high admin burden, regulatory risks, increased costs, and lower employee morale are some of the risks associated with a poorly designed program. 

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to build a self-funding PFP program
  • How to define your drivers: Improved retention or cost savings
  • The downside of Piece Rate Pay
  • Key Considerations when designing a PFP program

Tuesday – March 21st, 2023

11:15 AM, Booth #S4477

4 Steps to Prioritize Your Automation Roadmap

How to calculate ROI before you invest, with apples to apples labor cost comparison, cost to serve, and CapEx matrix

There is a lot of excitement around rolling out robots and equipment within distribution centers. These projects have the potential to save companies a lot of money, but how do you determine where to focus your investments? The most effective approach is to first optimize your existing processes and then to use your operational data to prioritize your investments across your network. 

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to optimize your current processes by increasing productivity and driving out waste
  • How to incorporate both automation and labor costs to see the total cost to serve
  • How to apply volume metrics to determine ROI and time to breakeven
  • How to develop a CapEx ROI Matrix to help prioritize your automation roadmap

1:30 PM, Booth #S4477

Profit, Budget, and Labor Cost

Avoid budget overruns and solve operational performance problems with profit & budget metrics

Cost to Serve is crucial in today’s environment, however you can even go a step further and combine those results with budget and revenue data. Combining real time labor costs with a budget allows for detailed information about how you are tracking throughout the month. Not only does this eliminate any surprises, but it also shows you the reasons if you are running over budget so you can get back on track before the month is over. Alternately, combining your labor costs with revenue data allows you to see which customers, products, and processes are profitable and where you may be struggling. On average 20-40% of customers are unprofitable, and a similar amount makes a majority of your profits. If you don’t have the capabilities to see which customers and products are profit drivers, you are at a massive disadvantage to your competitors who can.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to tie your labor costs against your budget and revenue
  • How to discover unprofitable customers and see how you are tracking against your budget
  • How to identify the reasons customers are unprofitable and why you are off budget

2:15 PM, Booth #S4477

Understanding the Operations Financial Management (OpsFM) Maturity Model

Quantifying your operations progress and business impact

OpsFM is a combination of best practices, cost accounting, tools, and culture that increases an organization’s ability to deliver services and products at high velocity. The OpsFM Maturity Model is both a blueprint and a set of milestones for an organization’s data maturity. Find out how a data-driven approach to Operations can align teams and leadership on top strategic priorities.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • The five stages of the OpsFM Maturity Curve, and where you are on the curve
  • How to build alignment with your Operations department and business stakeholders
  • The steps necessary to become a data-mature business

Wednesday – March 22nd, 2023

10:15 AM, Booth #S4477

Which of Your 3PL Customers is Losing You Money and Which Are Profitable?

Gain real-time visibility into customer profitability. How to see Multi-tenant 3PL cost & performance by tenant

Multi-Tenant 3PLs operate on a tight margin. Studies show that some customers are very profitable, but other customers are actually losing you money. The easiest way to increase net profit is to identify those loss-making customers, determine why they are losing money, and take corrective action. 

In this presentation you will learn:

  • What data is needed to gain real-time visibility into customer profitability
  • The difference between tracking Gross Margin and Net Margin on a daily basis
  • How to gain visibility into the root cause issues
  • How to leverage this data to adjust pricing when warranted

12:00 PM, Booth #S4477

Performance Visibility Across Your Network

Track your entire operations network in one dashboard. Compare productivity, process health, utilization, and labor costs between facilities.

If you have multiple facilities, chances are you have disparate data sets and no way to compare performance of one facility to another. Comparing facility-to-facility metrics exposes opportunities to improve, and highlights great performance that can be modeled in your other facilities. Drill down into your network performance to discover cost and performance differences by: department, process, shift, supervisor, product type, and customer.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to monitor performance and utilization
  • How to understand unit costs & profit by customer or product type
  • How to prioritize savings opportunities by cost impact

We can’t wait to connect with you at Promat 2023. If you’d like to meet with us one-on-one, book a time here: Schedule a 1-1 with us

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