2020 Trends in Logistics for Operations Teams

Source: What does 2020 hold for logistics leaders? (DC Velocity) The “Amazon effect”, e-commerce boom, and labor crunch made 2019 a complex year for warehouse operations. DC Velocity analyzed the top trends of 2020, and we made a list of them here. Find out how operations leaders are reacting in 2020, and where the trends […]

Unit Cost – Measurement of Continuous Improvement

One of the challenges when measuring process productivity is deciding on what measurements and metrics to use. Industrial Engineers take a reductionist approach and try to get as much process detail (metrics) as possible. This is useful, but makes it very complex to determine and measure ongoing improvement. From an IE perspective, all of those […]

Productivity versus Quality and Safety

One of the common concerns we here when discussing pay for performance is that quality and safety can suffer. From our experience, this has not been the case even if quality and safety are not measured.  However we do encourage companies to include quality, safety and other non productive criteria if they can. When you […]

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