Using Easy Metrics to Track to Budget

A top priority for most General Managers is meeting their monthly budget. Since labor is usually the largest controllable expense for most operations, gaining visibility and control over these costs can be a crucial component in a person’s ability to succeed in that role. One approach to this challenge is to map out in detail […]

Tracking 100% of your Labor Costs

Peter Drucker is quoted as saying “You can’t manage what you can’t measure!”. The world is now awash in data and measurements. The challenge is to understand which ones are important and drive the success in your business. Traditionally, when companies implement labor management, they focus on productivity and labor standards. Yes, productivity is very […]

What is Cost to Serve

Cost to serve is the cost analysis of all cost factors that go into the service of a customer or production of a product. This analysis enables you to accurately calculate each customer’s and product’s profitability. For most companies, between 20-40% of customers are actually unprofitable. With Cost-to-Serve, you are able to see which customers […]

Measuring ROI with Labor Management

Implementing a Labor Management System can be a powerful way to reduce the cost of labor at your facility, but before deciding to move forward you should have a plan on how you are going to generate and measure that ROI. When working with clients to build their business case, we ask them to give […]