7 Must-Haves for Good Labor Management

Good labor management has become a necessity in today’s very competitive distribution environment. In our hundreds of implementations, we have learned that there are 7 key factors you must have for a successful labor management program (LMS). They are: 1. Track 100% of Time The goal of any labor management system should be to see […]

Benefits of Pay for Performance

Pay for Performance (PFP) is a very powerful way to create a productivity-oriented culture in any organization. To learn about the key requirements of a pay for performance program, please read our previous blog post, “The Building Blocks for Successful Pay for Performance.” In this post we will continue the discussion with a review of […]

Data Insights from Wearable Devices

We are experiencing an explosion of data being created from internet-connected devices. Wearable devices are starting to gain a foothold in the market, and they can provide new insights into how work is being performed in the warehouse, manufacturing plant, or out on the road. Although wearable data by itself can provide useful information, its […]

The Power of Pay for Performance

At one of my prior companies (Integrated Management Systems), we used Pay for Performance (PFP) extensively to motivate employees and drive productivity substantially higher. We have worked with PFP for over 20 years and have seen both big successes and big failures with it. We like to look at pay for performance as nuclear fuel. […]

Performance Analytics for Supply Chain Operations

The Easy Metrics team returned from this year’s Modex in Atlanta very excited about the transformation taking place in the Supply Chain industry. The datafication of the supply chain is firmly under way which opens up tremendous opportunities as well as competitive challenges. It has been our thesis since we started the company that the […]

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