7 Must-Haves for Good Labor Management

Good labor management has become a necessity in today’s very competitive distribution environment. In our hundreds of implementations, we have learned that there are 7 key factors you must have for a successful labor management program (LMS). They are: 1. Track 100% of Time – The goal of any labor management system should be to […]

The Challenge of Seasonal Labor

Happy Holidays! To most of the United States, those words bring thoughts of family and fun. However, for those of us in distribution, they can bring a sense of dread for the massive rush of product that must flow through the supply chain to meet insatiable demands. This rush is also commonly referred to as […]

Pay for Performance and Overtime Laws

One of the potential landmines with pay for performance is to make sure you are compliant with state and federal overtime laws. By law, if an employee works overtime and receives bonus pay during that period of work that they had overtime, their bonuses must be upward adjusted by the proportionate amount for overtime. Here […]

Productivity versus Quality and Safety

One of the common concerns we here when discussing pay for performance is that quality and safety can suffer. From our experience, this has not been the case even if quality and safety are not measured.  However we do encourage companies to include quality, safety and other non productive criteria if they can. When you […]

Pay for Performance Pitfalls

Pay for Performance is a little like Uranium 235. If used correctly, it can power a city, if used incorrectly it can blow it up. We are big proponents of pay for performance and incorporate it in all aspects of our company. From our experience, PFP can really turbo charge productivity….. if it is done […]

Where does Missing Time come from?

Missing Time is the difference between the time recorded by the time clocks (what you pay your employees) and the employee time tracked on your work flow system (WMS, CRM, MRP, Job Coding, etc). When we initially start working with customers, if they have never managed their missing time before, they will often show 1-2 […]