YOUR DELIVERY DRIVERS DEAL MORE DIRECTLY WITH CUSTOMERS THAN YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM.  THEY ARE OFTEN THE FACE OF YOUR COMPANY. Managing mobile workers can be a difficult challenge for companies. The employee is out in the field and has [ … ] Read More


Third Party Logistics Providers 3PL’s face many challenges when it comes to ensuring that their operations are running smoothly and turning a profit. With labor making up the largest controllable cost in a facility, finding ways to optimize this [ … ] Read More

Distribution & Warehousing

Easy Metrics was created from our experience running complex distribution operations for 19 years. Our unique approach to the market brings significant value to any operation within the warehouse and distribution industry. Traditional LMS (Labor Management System) can solve [ … ] Read More


No distribution environment is as challenging as an E-commerce operation. Customers demand a high quality, continual, never-ending cycle of product, delivered fast. A mobile and always plugged-in customer expects instant gratification; and demands on your distribution arm are steep. Operations can [ … ] Read More



You have MRP data systems that track product, but not labor. Using time clocks and RFID you can track labor, but how do you connect it to the MRP? Easy Metrics has cracked the code. We use time and [ … ] Read More


Food Production and Processing

Modern fresh food processing (seafood, fruit packing, vegetable processing, meat processing) is still a very labor intensive process and companies continually struggle to contain costs and maintain quality standards. As well, customer requirements have created an explosion of different [ … ] Read More