Easy Metrics was founded by the same people who were responsible for managing the warehouse labor for some of biggest global retailers in the world. In an environment where every minute matters, these big box stores required systems to get total cost visibility into their operations. The Easy Metrics data application and algorithm were built on the floor, with real workers.

Our tools empower labor-intensive operations to maximize productivity and build a hyper-productive work environment, where employees are motivated to bring their best every day.


We do costing you thought impossible
We do incentives that fund themselves, that employees love
We do performance modeling more efficiently than any other product

Our customer’s results speak for themselves. Easy Metrics customers see 43% productivity gains on average.




Cost to Serve

WHEN YOU HAVE A SNEAKING SUSPICION THAT SOME OF YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE JUST NOT PROFITABLE, IT’S TIME TO ANALYZE YOUR PROFIT BY CUSTOMER.   Applying Pareto’s Principle to Your Customer Base The “80-20 Rule”, known as Pareto’s principle, applies to [ … ] Read More

Change Management

When it comes to your operation, we want you to succeed. That’s why the largest department in our company is devoted to client services and operations support. Easy Metrics acts as a true partner by lending ongoing support after [ … ] Read More


Pay for Performance

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Labor Forecasting

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Increase employee productivity

Worker productivity studies consistently show that a high number of non-management employees are disengaged, not working to their full potential. Productivity management is not an art, but a science.   Methods to Increase Employee Productivity Performance Metrics and Accountability Develop [ … ] Read More


Measure and reduce labor costs

We live in a world where there is a constant push to increase profit and decrease costs. Yet there is a continual upward pressure on labor costs, through wage inflation and regulatory burden. Increasing prices to compensate for higher [ … ] Read More