Thinking Beyond Labor Management

The tight labor market and finding good people is on the top of every manager’s mind right now, so maximizing productivity with labor management is a very hot topic. However, we also need to think long term because there is one thing that is constant and that is change! There has been a lot of […]

Warehouse Industry Trends Presented to WERC

WERC,the Warehouse Education and Research Council, is a really fantastic organization that has done a lot to help educate professionals in the distribution industry. Easy Metrics was fortunate to be able to present at a WERC conference back in 2014. Since then, our industry has gone through a massive transformation, and WERC invited us to […]

Unit Cost – Measurement of Continuous Improvement

One of the challenges when measuring process productivity is deciding on what measurements and metrics to use. Industrial Engineers take a reductionist approach and try to get as much process detail (metrics) as possible. This is useful, but makes it very complex to determine and measure ongoing improvement. From an IE perspective, all of those […]

Data – The Key to Continuous Improvement

The business world has evolved to one of data driven decision making. From our own experience, we have seen a multitude of times where the data paints a completely different story than just managerial observation. As part of any Continuous Improvement effort, measuring the processes you are trying to improve is critical and that requires […]

Tracking Indirect Costs with Job Coding

One of the biggest challenges we find with any customer is the lack of 100% visibility into how employees spend their time in distribution and manufacturing operations. Within distribution, most WMS systems only track on standard work, ie direct labor. Anywhere from 25-50% of labor then is unaccounted for. With manufacturing, it can be even […]

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