Data Insights from Wearable Devices

We are experiencing an explosion of data being created from internet-connected devices. Wearable devices are starting to gain a foothold in the market, and they can provide new insights into how work is being performed in the warehouse, manufacturing plant, or out on the road. Although wearable data by itself can provide useful information, its […]

Employees Gaming the System

Pay for Performance (PFP) can be a powerful tool to reduce the unit cost of labor in a Distribution Center while also increasing the take home pay of the workforce. Although the vast majority of employees will focus on doing their job as effectively as possible, it is important to make sure that you are […]

Using Easy Metrics to Track to Budget

A top priority for most General Managers is meeting their monthly budget. Since labor is usually the largest controllable expense for most operations, gaining visibility and control over these costs can be a crucial component in a person’s ability to succeed in that role. One approach to this challenge is to map out in detail […]

All Stick – No Carrot

Each time I read a “hit piece” in a newspaper describing the working conditions at an Amazon Distribution Center I am reminded of the importance of workplace culture. We are lucky to have so many customers that value their employees and understand that they are a key component in the success of their businesses and […]

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