What is Cost to Serve

Cost to serve is the measurement of cost factors that go into the servicing of a customer, or the production of a product. When paired with revenue, cost to serve analysis enables you to accurately calculate profitability by customer, product types, production lines, facilities, processes.  Cost to serve analysis enables you to accurately identify unprofitable […]

Measuring Continuous Improvement

Most operations have some kind of continuous improvement initiative ongoing at any given time. There are a variety of continuous improvement methodologies: Kaizen, Six Sigma, Lean and Total Quality Management are all good examples. One of the most common improvement models is the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act). Each step is distinct and intuitive: Plan: […]

The Modern Supply Chain Is Changing

COVID-19 has dangerously accelerated trends in the industry, leaving people behind. The supply chain is everything for modern economies. Problems in the supply chain can lead to market shortages, disruptions to production processes, and more. The supply chain here in the United States has been rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Government restrictions, social distancing regulations, […]

COVID-19: 5 Key Shifts In Supply Chain Nobody Saw Coming

The recent pandemic is a meteor strike to the global economy, and potentially the global culture.  The impact from this event will be felt for many years and could dramatically shift the way people live and shop. The distribution industry is experiencing simultaneously a collapse in demand and over-demand depending on which sector is serviced. […]

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