Productivity versus Quality and Safety

One of the common concerns we here when discussing pay for performance is that quality and safety can suffer. From our experience, this has not been the case even if quality and safety are not measured.  However we do encourage companies to include quality, safety and other non productive criteria if they can. When you […]

Qualitative Data Podcast

Productivity is important, but if you do not take into account qualitative factors when developing your labor management system, you could suffer from unintended consequences. This podcasts discusses various qualitative data sources and how to incorporate them into your labor management program.

Multiple Data Sources Podcast

The internet of things (IoT) has arrived and the explosion of data sources in the operational environment has begun. This podcast explains the tremendous value that can be gleaned from integrating multiple data sources together into your labor management and cost to serve analysis.

4 Steps to Accelerate Time to Value

I am a bit of a fan of Tim Ferris and his blog for the Four Hour Work Week. He is also one of the most listened to podcasters on the web. Tim’s specialty is deconstructing excellence. He has come up with a simple and straight forward methodology on how to learn something very quickly […]

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