The Power of Pay for Performance

At one of my prior companies (Integrated Management Systems), we used Pay for Performance (PFP) extensively to motivate employees and drive productivity substantially higher. We have worked with PFP for over 20 years and have seen both big successes and big failures with it. We like to look at pay for performance as nuclear fuel. […]

Evolving Analytics – Descriptive to Prescriptive to Predictive

The datafication of supply chain operations creates a strong need for analytics that can make sense of all of that data. When you break down analytics conceptually, they fall into 3 categories: Descriptive, Prescriptive and Predictive. Descriptive Analytics:  Looks at historical information and answers the question “What has happened?” Prescriptive Analytics:  Looks at historical information […]

Performance Analytics for Supply Chain Operations

The Easy Metrics team returned from this year’s Modex in Atlanta very excited about the transformation taking place in the Supply Chain industry. The datafication of the supply chain is firmly under way which opens up tremendous opportunities as well as competitive challenges. It has been our thesis since we started the company that the […]

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